Grower Testimonials

Discover how some of our growers are using Hectre

Moana Orchard

“We've got a better handle on how many bins per day, how many bins per block. If you're trying to gather more information, and to try and do things better, then it's the way forward.”

Chris McinallyHarvest Manager

Tyrella Orchard

“It enabled us to change who is doing the bin ticketing, also how we pull the data, and we don't have to do that manually anymore.”

Mark AndersonHead Orchard Manager

Wairepo Orchard

“Quality checking is the most important thing for us to do, and if we're writing everything down then we don't have the time to do it.”

Leah BaileyHead Quality Controller

Hoddy’s Fruit Company

“What I've found useful is it's fast, responsive, and gives me time to do more important things (than paperwork).”

Canaan BalckBlock Manager

Tyrella Orchard

“Once I was shown the steps on how to use it, I had no problems”

Megan SmithSupervisor