No more paperwork, no more lost information:

  • Create waterproof bin tickets in the orchard within 2.7 seconds with the Hectre app on your mobile device.
  • Share and access your live bin information from anywhere!
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View of a bin ticket being scanned on a mobile device

All the info you need, no matter the weather.

  • Include all necessary details like variety, rate, block and more when creating your bin ticket.
  • Create QR codes or barcodes to match warehouse packing requirements.
  • We provide waterproof paper, so your tickets are always scannable and no information is lost.
View of Harvest Tracking with GPS in Hectre

See where every bin came from.

  • With our unique geo-tagging approach to bin tickets, you are able to trace fruit back to within metres/yards of where it was picked on the canopy.
  • Easily track buckets, bins, or trays, capture the information you need with your mobile device.
  • Get a real-time view of the pick moving through the orchard, enabling you to better plan for your harvest.
View of the insights panel for bin tracking on a mobile device

Improve your tracking. Increase your yield.

  • Move away from counting bins manually, and get the precise number straight to your phone.
  • Give instant access to inventory data to your orchard managers and packhouse – from wherever you are. 

Know what’s happening on your orchard in real-time with Hectre