We’re thrilled to extend a warm welcome to all of the new customers who have joined Hectre in the past month! Welcome and thank you for choosing Hectre as your tech partner.

Two-a-Day Group

South Africa


Two-a-Day, formerly Elgin Fruit Packers Co-operative Limited, is the oldest cooperative in Elgin, South Africa, established in 1948. It has grown to become a leading fruit growing, packing, and marketing company in Africa. Their focus on high-quality fruit and ethical practices has earned them a strong reputation in the industry.


To support in storage planning, production and sales, Two-a-Day Group will be using Spectre Top Down for their apple crops.

Prima Frutta



Prima Frutta has been working with experienced growers since 1990 with a strong commitment to the highest quality of fruit and nuts. In particular, they specialize in cherries, apples and walnuts with Spectre coming in to support in gaining valuable post-harvest cherry and apple information.


Spectre will help Prima Frutta in becoming more efficient with their sorter and grading machines as they will know what fruit will be coming in and can therefore set up their machines beforehand, saving crucial time.




It isn’t just growers, packers and marketers that find value in Hectre! Teagasc is a global leader in developing innovative, science-based solutions for sustainable land use, to benefit society.


They will be using Spectre Hand-Held for apple orchard research in Ireland, where they are assessing size information and making meaningful comparisons over long periods of time.

Dennegeur Farm

South Africa


Dennegeur Farm, established in 1948, has a deep family history. Since the beginning, Dennegeur Farm has been packing fruit in their own packing facility on the farm. They prioritize producing top-quality products through integrity and dedication, fostering a culture of excellence, compassion, and trust among employees and partners. Their strong social responsibility includes community projects and a focus on environmental management.


Both Spectre Hand-Held and Spectre Top Down will be used to provide size and color data so they have accurate information to build on stronger storage and sales planning processes.

Frutolab Sl



A family-owned fruit production and marketing business in Albalate de Cinca, Huesca, Frutolab specialize in cherry, fig, almond, and upcoming pomegranate cultivation, with a focus on innovation. They are known for early cherry production using forced greenhouse methods.


Frutolab will be bringing on Spectre Hand-Held for cherries to gain important cherry size data that will prove to be beneficial for them.

Český Ráj

Czech Republic


Founded in 2007 through a merger of several fruit producers in the region of Český ráj, Český ráj cooperative now manages hundreds of hectares of orchards. Their orchards and new seedlings adhere to the highest standards of modern agriculture and the best agricultural practices while also ensuring that they are remaining considerate to the environment.


Spectre Hand-Held will be used across their apple, pear, cherry and apricot crop types to minimize having to use manual processes in order to extract meaningful and accurate size and color data.

Pacific Coast Producers



Well known Pacific Coast Producers have been supplying quality produce to the USA since 1971. They take great pride in what they do and have a diverse group of growers under their wing.


Pacific Coast Producers will be using Spectre Hand-Held and Spectre Top Down to gain valuable apricot and pear size data in order to ensure more efficient processes due to eliminating time-consuming hand sizing.

Frutas Ponti



Frutas Ponti was established by Salvador Ibarz in 1956 and has now reached their 3rd generation. They’ve since expanded their facilities and incorporated more technology to automate many of their processes and maintain consistent high quality. Frutas Ponti are currently selling fresh fruit to European markets, which include nectarines, peaches, pears and apples.


They will be using Spectre Hand-Held to capture key data for their apples, pears and stone fruit which will result in a clearer picture for Frutas Ponti to make better sales, storage and future planning decisions.

Greenridge Fruit



Greenridge Fruit, a family business since 1982, partners with local growers to package and market high-quality Michigan-grown apples. They prioritize long-term relationships with growers, customers, and employees, and are currently under ownership and management by the second and third generation of the family. Their mission is to share the exceptional taste of Michigan apples with the world.


Spectre Hand-held will be used by Greenridge Fruit so that their growers can accurately gain size data for apples on the field as soon as they are picked, and also for them to receive this valuable fruit data at receiving sites as well.




The Frutaria group is a fruit and vegetable organization that manages plantations in three areas of the Iberian peninsula: North (provinces of Zaragoza, Navarra and Lleida), West (province of Badajoz) and South (provinces of Sevilla and Huelva).


Frutatia will be using fruit data gained via Spectre Handheld for better planning, sales optimizing to provide a better idea on what’s coming from the field.

John & Stacey Alt Farms



Based in Michigan, John & Stacey Alt farms is family owned and operated, and has been for the past 6 generations. They are part of North Bay Produce and are known for growing delicious, succulent apples and peaches.


To help streamline their orchard management processes, they’ll be using Hectre’s harvest and timesheet modules.

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