We’re thrilled to extend a warm welcome to all of the new customers who have joined Hectre in the past month! Welcome and thank you for choosing Hectre as your tech partner.

Southern Produce Packing & Sales



Southern Produce Packing & Sales, a distinguished grower, shipper, and packer of vegetables, is based in Reidsville, Georgia. They are renowned for their cultivation of the celebrated Vidalia onions, Georgia’s official state vegetable.


The decision to upgrade their onion sizing process came from a significant bottleneck: only one person in the company possessed the expertise to accurately size onions by eye. Recognizing the need for improvement, they turned to our Spectre app.


This technological advancement allows Southern Produce Packing & Sales to:

  • Significantly increase the volume of their size samples,
  • Obtain reliable onion size data faster than ever, and
  • Make more efficient decisions regarding storage, packing, and sales.

Gospodarstwo sadowniczo warzywnicze Tomasz Jeziorski



Gospodarstwo Sadowniczo-Warzywnicze Tomasz Jeziorski is a small-scale, yet innovative grower committed to comprehensive management of their cold storage capabilities. Currently, their annual production is between 400 to 500 tons. With new plantings on the horizon for the next year, they are poised for a substantial increase in output, expecting to reach around 1000 tons of apples.


The introduction of the Spectre marks a transformative step for them. This innovation provides them with a precise understanding of the optimal pricing strategies for their fruit, fostering a level of transparency with their buyers previously unattainable.


Using Spectre opens the door to potential for significant achievement, benefiting not only large-scale operations but also, and importantly, small-scale producers managing less than 1000 tons of production.

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