Hectre have been announced as winners in the 2022 global AgTech Breakthrough Awards!


The AgTech Breakthrough Awards program showcases ground-breaking innovation across the agritech sector and recognizes the best companies, products and services in industry.


Hectre has been named best Overall Post Harvest Company of the Year!

As outlined by Bryan Vaughan, Managing Director of Tech Breakthrough who facilitate the awards, the awards program is hotly contested. “We are passionate about what technology can do for the world and we are committed to providing a platform for recognition dedicated to standout AgTech companies and products throughout the world. With over 1,600 nominations for our third annual awards program, the competition was fierce!

Double Recognition

In 2021, Hectre were named winners in the AgTech Breakthrough Awards program for the first time, so the 2022 win makes it two from two.


“To win one award is wonderful. But to back it up this year with a successive win is fantastic recognition of the industry leadership position we now hold. What we’ve achieved over the past year, is all down to the efforts of our outstanding team and the fantastic support of our customers all around the world. To you all, we offer our warmest gratitude,” states Matty Blomfield, CEO and Co-founder of Hectre.

Milestone Month

The award comes hot on the heels of another milestone for the Hectre team. This month, Hectre’s mobile fruit sizing AI app, Spectre, sized it’s 27 millionth piece of fruit.


Hectre’s Spectre technology is popular for its simplicity of use and fast reliable results. To use Spectre, orchard and packhouse staff simply take a photo of a full bin of fruit on an iPad, and within seconds they receive a size distribution graph detailing the size band estimations of the bin of fruit, delivering valuable data for improved decisions around storage, sales and packline planning.

Innovation Speed

Another milestone the Hectre team are celebrating, is the launch of Spectre Top Down – Hectre’s newest innovation. Developed in response to demand from high-volume fruit producers, Spectre Top Down takes the simplicity and reliability of Spectre, and combines that with a customized camera set up, enabling semi-automated bin capture for fruit detection and sizing.


Flatbed trucks pulling up at receiving sites pass under the camera and Spectre Top Down detects and sizes fruit, straight off the top of the truck.


Massive size samples of 4,000 plus apples are gained from one truck pass, providing significant data that sales, QC and packhouse managers can rely upon.


Already, seven Washington receiving sites have implemented Spectre Top Down.

This latest Hectre innovation is yet another example of Hectre’s “clever simplicity” – creating meaningful practical tech that solves real problems, built with user simplicity at the forefront.


To learn more about Spectre Top Down, please enquire.

Market Growth

With a large global team of 46, Hectre has been building it’s talent pool for several years now as it responds to fast-growing demand. Along with increasing their development capability, they’ve invested heavily in Customer Support, recognizing that supporting the success of their customers brings customer advocacy and valuable referrals.


In the past year alone, Hectre’s US market share has more than doubled. Customers include the likes of international fruit leaders Washington Fruit & ProduceBorton FruitRockit GlobalFirst Fresh NZ and BC Tree Fruits, just to name a few.

Company Overview

Established in 2016, Hectre offers the rare combination of orchard management modules, plus mobile fruit sizing – a handy combo which can deliver fruit growers, packers and enterprise with a competitive advantage.


Current features of the Hectre app include: Digital Timesheets, Payroll Integration, Mobile Bin Ticketing, Harvest Management, Mobile Fruit Sizing, Badge Scanning for Clock In and Bin/Bucket Crediting, Traceability, Quality Control, Clock In Kiosk, Task Management (Health & Safety + Repairs & Maintenance), Performance Insights, Labor Reporting, Yield Reporting and Block Reporting.


With more than 147 enhancements and features delivered in the past year, the list continues to grow.


To speak with one of our team about your business and how Hectre can support your success, please get in touch.

Built For Fruit

One of the only apps on the market which is specifically focused on fruit, Hectre helps growers and packers working with apples, cherries, pears, citrus, kiwifruit, avocados, stone fruit, grapes, berries and hops.

For all media enquiries, please email marketing@hectre.com