This month, we have loads of exciting and new, time-saving and performance-optimizing enhancements and features to bring you. From powerful new tools to more efficient workflows, there’s something for everyone, so let’s get into it!


First, let’s take a look at what’s new with Hectre’s Spectre App (for Orchard Management App enhancements, please scroll further down).

New Spectre Features

The Spectre Dashboard Has Arrived!

The new Spectre Dashboard is now live and ready to provide even more valuable data for both our Spectre Hand-Held and Spectre Top Down customers!


You can access the Spectre Dashboard through your Hectre desktop login. (Not sure how to do that? Read on!)


Release date: Now! It’s there right now!


Integrated with our Spectre fruit sizing app, the new Spectre Dashboard is packed with easily accessible and downloadable Spectre data!


The Spectre Dashboard provides Hectre’s Spectre customers with easy-to-use table views of multiple size and colour distributions for multiple lots, all on one page. Detailed views of a single group of bins, or a combination of multiple groups to see the average size and color distribution, has also been included. More data to power your decision-making!

The Spectre Dashboard also features an advanced search capability and filters, to assist customers to find desired records super fast! Additionally, users can email or download reports directly from the table view, or the detailed view of the size and color distribution, plus view a photo gallery of scanned bins.

What does this new feature mean for Hectre’s Spectre customers?

The Spectre Dashboard enables Hectre customers to:

  • Easily drill down into their Spectre data and gain valuable insights on their fruit size at the earliest possible time (and color too – for customers signed up for both size and color)
  • Combine Spectre data for an aggregated view to gain even richer information, e.g. view size data for a particular variety from a particular block
  • View both size and color side by side for an even broader assessment of the fruit
  • Access rich Spectre data whether you use Spectre in the field, in the packhouse or over trucks
  • Further share your Spectre data with your company’s owners, managers, or analysts – straight from their laptop
  • Download and “play’ with the data however you want, whenever you want (we know you want to 🙂 )
  • Optimize your storage, packing, and sales and marketing decisions even further! Even better data for even better decision-making.


Learn how to use Spectre dashboard


If you are unable to access the Spectre Dashboard, please reach out to our friendly Hectre Customer Success reps and they’ll get you set up.


Haven’t got Spectre, but want it? Click here for a chat with a friendly Hectre rep.

New Spectre Image Guidance

Guidance to help you take the best Spectre photos of bins and buckets, and gain the most accurate Spectre data, has been added for our customers using Spectre Hand-Held (on an iPad).


Release date: Now!


Be sure to update your Hectre App to show this new feature.


Guidance Tips include:

  • A reminder that landscape view is best when capturing an image
  • That all four corners of a bin need to be visible
  • That the long-edge of the iPad needs to be parallel with the long edge of the bin.


After you have updated your Spectre app, you will see the guidance tips on your iPad screen when capturing a bin image. If you choose to turn off the guidance tips, they will reappear every 15 days to ensure anyone new is able to use them.

What does it mean for Spectre customers?


Spectre photo guidance tips provide customers with a clear visual while using the app for how to take the best images and get the most accurate results.

New Spectre Search Functionality

When searching for bin types when loading a new Spectre group, customers can now search for the name of the bin, or the dimensions of the bin. This enhancement makes it even easier and faster to find the right size bin you’re looking for when using Spectre for early-size and color information.


Release date: Now!


Be sure to update your Hectre App to show this new feature


For example, in the screenshot below, searching for “Bin One” or “Wood (A)” will quickly locate that particular bin size. Even more simplicity!

Orchard Management Software Enhancements

As we look to offer even more to our customers, we’ll be delivering additional capability to you through new Hectre features and enhancements, plus we’ll also be delivering you more through integrations. Integrations are where we connect with other apps/software, to save you time and support your success.

Cherry Feature Enhancement: Adding Multiple Cherry Buckets

With Hectre’s latest enhancement to its Cherry Module, you now have the option to add multiple buckets per picker in a single action, saving you even more time! With this enhanced functionality, it’s even easier to manage your cherry harvest operations more efficiently and effectively.


Check out this snapshot below and click on “Learn More” for full details on this new enhancement.

Release Date: March 24th


Learn More

Next Month

Updated Staff ID Badges

The Hectre development team will soon complete an enhancement updating the current staff badges functionality, enabling multiple staff badges to be printed at one time.

Release Date: April 2023

That’s a wrap… for now! More fab features and enhancements coming your way soon!

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