accurate fruit sizing in seconds


From Hectre, creators of the world’s simplest orchard management software, comes Spectre.

Computer vision technology made simple, capturing fruit size with just one click. No expensive or fancy equipment required.
Use it in the orchard or in receiving.
Fast and accurate fruit size distribution data to support critical decision making.
Reduce time spent by
Increase sample size by
The difference

Do it all in seconds and with just one click


Orchard and

  • Better understand your quality
  • Increase apple picking performance
  • Reduce errors – no manual recording
  • Improve logistics
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Optimise orchard performance


Warehouse and Packhouse

  • Increase receiving sample rate x 100+
  • Streamline storage processes – right bin, right place
  • Reduce packing line resets
  • Improve sales order management with better data
  • Touchless technology – no damage to fruit
  • All data captured and stored with one click
Who Uses Spectre

Spectre is currently being used in the apple and citrus industries, in orchards and farms, and in warehouses and packhouses.

Customers include well known USA companies, Washington Fruit and Produce Company and Yakima Fruit and Cold Storage, as well as New Zealand companies including Rockit Global, First Fresh NZ, Hoddy’s Fruit Company, McLean Orchard and many more.

Development to serve other markets in the fruit industry is well underway, with pears next off the rank.

Ready to transform, simplify, accelerate and improve the accuracy of your fruit sizing processes?