Our development pace continues to accelerate as we push on with our mission to support the success of the world’s fruit growers, packers and marketers. Here are this month’s development highlights:


First, let’s take a look at what’s new with Spectre (for Hectre Orchard Management App enhancements and last month’s releases, please scroll further down).

Hectre’s Computer Vision AI – Spectre

Spectre for Android​


Expected Release Date: End of August 2023


Following a mammoth effort by the team, final iterations and testing is now underway for Spectre for Android.


  • With this new release, if you’re a Spectre Hand-Held customer, you will be able to scan bins with your Android device and/or your iPad or iPhone and gain valuable size data, within seconds, and with no touch on the fruit. 
  • Spectre has already been empowering growers and packers across the industry, providing valuable data and insights on the size distribution of their fruit. Now, with Spectre soon to be available on Android, even more growers and packers can access these benefits.


Contact your Hectre Customer Success rep now if you’d like to get Spectre for Android.

Spectre Color Automation​

Expected Release Date: Early September 2023


One of our recent focuses has centered on making Spectre for Color even more automated and simple to use.

  • Soon, Spectre for Color customers will be able to categorize fruit varieties into color families such as grouping apples into a red, pink or golden color family depending on their shade of color.
  • A further enhancement: Spectre will automatically detect what the lighting condition is and apply this for color assessment, saving time and reducing manual error. And if Spectre detects that a lighting condition has not been set up, you’ll receive notifications for your action.


Here’s a video from Hectre’s Group Product Manager, Aaron with more detail on these awesome enhancements:


Hectre’s Orchard Management Software

Hectre Payroll Enhancements​


  • Hectre’s Payroll module is being enhanced and will provide further robustness for all timesheet and payroll needs
  • With a dedicated team focused on bringing out the best in payroll management, we are excited to have an even stronger platform that we know your office administrators will appreciate.

API Integrations

Hectre Staff API​


Released March 2023 – In your hands right now!


More APIs for your benefit!

  • The Hectre Staff API enables you to synchronize all changes relating to pickers – wage rate, employment status, personal details – from your external payroll system straight into Hectre.


▶ If you’re looking to reduce double-entry and ensure your pickers’ details are kept up to date, enquire now about using the Hectre Staff API.


Not sure what an API is? API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface. Simply put, API’s help different applications to talk to each other, a bit like a translator. APIs help you to access, extract and share data. APIs are all around us! Every time you use a rideshare app, send a mobile payment, or change the thermostat temperature from your phone, you’re using an API.

Other Recent Releases

Cherry Accuracy Enhancement


Spectre for Cherries. Released End of June 2023.


Our teams have been committed to delivering even greater cherry sizing accuracy to our customers for this US cherry season! This has involved continually evaluating and refining our Spectre for Cherries models, honing the accuracy tighter and tighter.


We released the enhanced Spectre for Cherries model at the end of June and have already received fantastic feedback. Enjoy!

Hectre QC API​


API Integrations. Released Early July 2023.


  • You’re now able to directly connect the Hectre API to the current analytics tools that you use day-to-day.
  • This enables all the QC information you’ve collected through the Hectre app to be easily accessed and displayed for more detailed analysis.


▶ If you would like to access the Hectre QC API, click here to view instructions.


Add Photos to Staff Profiles in the App


Hectre Mobile. Released Early July 2023.

  • If you want to have photos of your staff on their Hectre profiles to assist with identification, this is now super easy to do.
  • Simply tap the profile icon of your team member and you will be given the choice to either upload a photo from your device, or take a photo of them right then using the camera option.

Enhanced Location Navigation


Hectre Mobile. Released Early July.


  • It’s now even easier to review your harvest numbers by location on your mobile device for both Buckets and Bins. This brings even greater efficiency for Hectre Orchard Management Software customers, particularly those working with high volumes.
  • With this latest release, we have added search functionality plus the ability to add sub-blocks. This means you can drill down through layers, from orchard, to block, to sub block, to gain strong insights on your picking volumes.

Volume Amount Enhancement


Hectre Mobile. Released Early July 2023

  • You now have the ability to add decimals when entering volume amounts within your picker’s timesheets.
  • How does this help? Let’s say you have 2 members in your team who’ve picked 5 bins of apples. You can now record that each of those team members have picked 2.5 bins in the timesheet, which saves you from any additional editing.

More Timesheet Information


Hectre Mobile. Released Early July.

  • If volume has been logged during timesheet creation, you will now be able to see the unit volume in the summary view of the timesheets module within the mobile app.
  • This means you can identify volumes easily and quickly for each timesheet and see what the units are i.e. bins, trees, etc.

That’s a wrap… for now! More fab features and enhancements coming your way soon!

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