Apples – nature’s perfect snack

Grown in more than 90 countries around the world, apples are one of the most consumed fruits on the planet. Packed full of nutrition and flavor, and fully portable, apples really are nature’s perfect snack.

$78 billion


industry value

85 million

Metric tons in global consumption pa

6.4 million

Hectares of land under production

$8.5 billion


export value

Streamline orchard and packing operations

Inventory visibility to improve storage, packing and sales decisions

  • Know your size results in seconds
  • Use in the field, coolstore, or packhouse
  • Non-invasive and accurate to 98.7%
  • Use on any phone, tablet or our proprietary cameras
  • Bilingual, works online/offline

Earn higher returns from premium color

  • Identify color grade as soon as fruit is picked
  • Use in the field, the coolstore, or the packhouse
  • Any lighting condition. Automatically.
  • Configure color parameters to match grading line and sales standards
  • Any phone, minimal training. 

Track your harvest. Improve your pick.

  • Easy to use, fast logging of bins
  • Acreditación en tiempo real de cucharones, orejetas y contenedores
  • Escanee sus tickets de contenedor existentes o cree tickets de contenedor impermeables mientras viaja
  • Bin counts to assess harvest progress
  • Rastree su fruta hasta donde fue recolectada

Mejores procesos de nómina para los productores y sus trabajadores

  • Gestionar empleados, contratistas, tarifas, salarios.
  • Las entradas de la hoja de horas fluyen directamente a los informes de nómina
  • Simplificar ajustes salariales, OT/DT, descansos
  • Configuraciones e informes personalizables
  • Exportaciones e integraciones de nómina sin inconvenientes

Fast, simple time tracking

  • Badge scanning for fast moving operations
  • Registre opciones que se adapten a sus necesidades
  • Todos los tipos de pago incluidos
  • Easy bulk editing
  • Offline capability, multilingual

Drive fruit quality with custom built QC

  • Identify poor performance early and fix it
  • Easily capture defect and pest issues
  • Compare individual and team picking performance
  • Custom bonus models to increase speed and quality of your pick
  • Compare picker quality with picker volume

Real time view of the orchard at your fingertips

  • Real view of orchard performance, costs, production volume, fruit quality
  • Track picker productivity: bins/hour
  • Compare picking speed vs defect rate
  • Track key metrics such as cost per acre, bins per acre, and cost per bin by variety and block
  • Trigger timely notifications directly to you, your supervisors and staff

Efficient spray operations: from planning to compliance

  • Instantly create, share, and plan your spray applications in advance
  • Centralize and simplify spray record-keeping for compliance
  • Auto-calculate earliest pick dates
  • Record sprayers and capacities for easy calculations
  • Manage list of agrochemicals 
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Customer Success Stories

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Hectre Fruit Sizing is not only incredibly fast and efficient but also impressively accurate.

Gilbert Plath

Líder del programa de tecnología, Washington Fruit & Produce.

Más de 1000 empleados

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The efficiency gains, the simplicity, the improved performance, the continual innovation, and the friendly support have really impressed us.

Brett Kast

General Manager, Kast Farms

Más de 500 empleados

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Since having Hectre, annual repacking rates have fallen from 10% to 3%.

Steve Stewart

Subgerente general, Honeybear Brands

Más de 500 empleados

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