Inventory visibility to improve storage, packing and sales decisions

Vision solutions to provide size and color grade in the field or packhouse

Accurate to 95%

Validated against over 50, multimillion dollar grading machines worldwide

Easy to learn & use

Just like a grader in your pocket, easy to pick up, easy to learn

Non invasive & fast

Leave your fruit unharmed and your processes unchanged – ask about our automation options

Automate size and color grade capture of ALL of your fruit

  • Access size and color grade of every storage room
  • Run promotional plans with confidence
  • Optimize fruit pricing to deliver superior returns to your producers
  • Reduce the cost of pre-grading, aged fruit and repackaging
  • Optimize your pack and labor planning

Adjust your pick in real-time

  • Know your size results as soon as fruit is picked
  • Pick to maximize the return on your fruit
  • Reduce the chances of your fruit being lost by enhancing supply chain visibility
  • Use on any phone, tablet or our proprietary cameras
  • Use in the field, the coolstore, or the packhouse
  • Works online / offline

Better data for better decision making

  • Analyze by grower, block, lot, variety, size, and color
  • Share data with your producers, production manager or sales team in real-time
  • Search for specific size or color profiles to locate the right fruit to fulfill targeted orders
  • Integrate into your own systems via our Spectre API
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Customer Success Stories

Discover how growers and packers are gaining the advantage with Hectre

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Since having Hectre, annual repacking rates have fallen from 10% to 3%.

Steve Stewart

Assistant General Manager, Honeybear Growers

500+ Staff

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We can decide right off the bat where we will allocate the fruit, which keeps the packline running with fewer stops and starts.

Jarrit Hays

Master Controller, Monson Fruit

500+ Staff

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Before, 30-40% of the time we ended up with the wrong size fruit. Hectre provides a standardized assessment, eliminating the guesswork.

Marquiel Martinez

QC Manager, Honeybear Growers

500+ Staff

Easy integrations with your payroll software

We streamline your workflow with fast onboarding and payroll integrations, ensuring compliance and ease of use. Our team constantly adds new integrations to enhance value for our customers. Let’s discuss integrating your preferred software to optimize your operations.

Case study: Washington Fruit & Produce

How renowned fruit producer and distributor Washington Fruit & Produce utilizes Hectre’s highly accurate early-size and color information to inform sales, manage their inventory, and improve their time-to-market.

Case study: Honeybear Growers

How forward-thinking Washington packer and shipper Honeybear Growers enhanced their packhouse operations, increased efficiency, boosted sales, and reduced repacking rates by implementing Hectre’s early fruit sizing app.

Supercharge your fruit

Reach out to learn how Hectre’s practical solutions can support the success of your operation.