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View of bin tickets overview in the Hectre app

Streamline Harvest Management

Spend your time ensuring the quality of the fruit

  • Create bin tickets in 3 seconds
  • Save up to 75% of managers’ time during harvest
  • Know exactly how much you’ve picked anywhere, anytime
  • Fast scanning for fruit receival at the packhouse

Timesheets and Payroll Made Easy

Save hours in the office every week

  • Digital timesheets to capture hours
  • Management reports to track costs by block
  • Automatic piece rate, paid breaks and wage calculations
  • One click to connect to your payroll – speak to us today
A timesheet summary in the Hectre app

Spend your time ensuring the quality of the fruit

Hectre frees up so much time so we can focus on fruit quality

Leah BaileyHead QC
A map view of a task in the scout module of the Hectre app

See All Your Orchard Jobs From One Place

Use GPS tags to track down to the tree

  • Manage and assign jobs
  • Spend less time finding jobs
  • Know what’s happening on the orchard
  • Know how many trees need replaced
  • Track and view the spread of pest & disease

Built for small and commercial growers

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Designed to work in the field

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