After Hectre’s popular computer vision AI solution, Spectre, was released to the apple industry in 2020, bringing with it the simplest to use, fastest and most accurate fruit sizing technology to be delivered straight from an iPhone or iPad, it didn’t take long before the citrus industry was keen to see what Spectre could do for them. Since then, Spectre has been developed to provide fruit sizing results for oranges, lemons and mandarins.


But it doesn’t stop there. Understanding the value delivered to growers and packhouses when they’re able to get sizing right, our team are continually striving to deliver even higher accuracy levels, leading to outstanding results of up to 97%+.


A lot of this accuracy work focuses on image collection and what we refer to as “ground truthing”. Ground truthing is where we compare Spectre results with a set of measurements that are known to be even more accurate. In this case, we compare affordable, simple to use, fast and accurate Spectre, against multi million dollar commercial grading machines. It’s completely unfair!

We do this data collection by working with awesome Hectre customers to capture photos of full fruit bins, upload into Spectre and extract the sizing results – all within seconds. Our customers then send those same bins of fruit through their commercial grading machines and gain the sizing data.

Then the Hectre team get to work analyzing the two sets of results, identifying the gaps and tuning up the Spectre model for greater accuracy.


And that, my friends, is ground truthing!

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