Hectre, the fruit tech startup making it big on the global stage, has taken out double gold at the 2023 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards.


The Stevie Awards are considered one of the most prestigious awards programs in the world of business due to their rigorous judging process, high standards of excellence, and global recognition.


Hectre took out the top Gold Stevie award in two categories:

  • Most Innovative Tech Startup of the Year – Software
  • Most Innovative Tech Startup of the Year – Business Product Industries.

More than 800 nominations from organizations across the Asia-Pacific region were considered for the 2023 awards and other winners included tech heavyweights HP and IBM. “The organizations that won this year have demonstrated that they are committed to being innovative, and we applaud them for their perseverance and creativity,” said Stevie Awards president Maggie Miller.


Hectre’s focus on innovation and “clever simplicity” (creating pragmatic easy to use technology that industry actually needs), and their dedication to customers also saw them announced as winners in both the 2021 and 2022 global AgTech Breakthrough Awards. The company has also recently received awards for outstanding customer service.


A global judging panel considered the 800 nominations. Comments for Hectre from the judges included the following:

  • “Food wastage, especially for export is a huge problem across the globe and its exciting to see how Hectre are trying to solve this issue. Outstanding work.”
  • “Well done Team Hectre! We are excited to see your continued growth and impact on the fruit tech industry.”
  • “Bringing the tools of ML and AI to businesses with easy access is a great way to scale advances in software to solve real world problems. Exciting and innovative application of AI.”
  • “In addition to their innovative technology solution, Hectre’s customer service and people power initiatives demonstrate their commitment to providing a comprehensive and sustainable solution for the industry. Their strong customer retention rate, market share, and recognition in industry awards also speak to the quality and effectiveness of their solution.”
  • “Great innovation, and in an area of great need due to labour shortages.”
  • “The company’s focus on “Clever Simplicity” and providing user-friendly and easy-to-use fruit technologies is a smart strategy to ensure quick adoption by an industry with diverse workforces.”
  • “Using AI for better accuracy and efficiency and offering the product in a user friendly accessible way to growers makes it a fantastic offering.”

Hectre is the only company in the world to offer a comprehensive suite of orchard management modules plus mobile early fruit sizing apps at such speed and scale.

The company’s willingness and capability to respond to specific industry needs, combined with their speed to innovate, stands it apart from competitors.

heavily oversubscribed capital raise in 2021 spotlighted the high level of investor interest in the company. The $3.5m raised in that round supported the business as they expanded their tech offering and entered new markets.

Hectre will offer a series A funding round in the next 12 months as they continue their growth strategy in response to global market demand for their apps. More than 25 US VC’s (venture capitalists) have already approached Hectre, a rare scenario.

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