Hectre customers can now gain instant help when they are using the Hectre dashboard on laptop, without having to leave the page.


Welcome to our new FAQ beacon. It’s called a “beacon” because it’s a helper.

Now it’s even easier to stay in your flow and get help wherever you are, whenever you need it.


From now on when customers are on a page on the Hectre dashboard, beavering away on timesheets and payroll, tracking the pick as it moves through the orchard, or pulling reports to review costings – if they need some tips, or are trying to fix someone else’s boo-boo (or their own!), they can simply click on the FAQ beacon on the bottom right of the screen.


They will be shown relevant help topics for the page they’re on, can check out the help info provided, and get their query answered.


Fast access to relevant help – clever and simple.


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