This month, we’re all about making the customer experience even smoother with new features and updates to boost efficiency and streamline your workflow.


First, let’s take a look at what’s new with the Hectre Orchard Management App  (for Spectre enhancements and last month’s releases, please scroll further down).

Hectre Dashboard

New Payroll Module View for Unassigned Bins & Buckets

Payroll Module. Expected Release Date: May 22


Our team has been hard at work refining the way you view unassigned bins and buckets on the dashboard, expanding the view to make it easier for you to navigate the list of unassigned bins and buckets. The larger display ensures you can clearly see all the relevant information, allowing for a smoother and more efficient workflow.

Stay tuned for an upcoming update in June that will introduce filtering options to help you manage unassigned bins and buckets even more effectively.

Introducing QC Analysis Directly from the Hectre Dashboard!

Hectre Dashboard. Release Date: Coming in Mid-June


We’re excited to announce that the Hectre Dashboard QC Module is on the way! Some of the key features you can look forward to:

  • View raw QC data for better-informed, data-driven decisions
  • Easily adjust the date range to quickly find the data you need
  • Quickly export QC data to a .csv file for spreadsheet data analysis

Watch this space!

Hectre Mobile

Enhanced Location Navigation & Search Functionality

Insights Module. Expected Release Date: May 22


Coming later this month, an enhancement to the Insights Module makes it even easier to view insights for a specific location. This new enhancement also comes with a new search function, enabling you to search by variety, orchard, block, or sub-block to bring up insights from around the orchard – a valuable addition for farms with numerous locations.

Key benefits:

  • Easily access information by location (now including Orchards and Sub-Blocks)
  • New search functionality
  • This enhancement provides an even smoother customer experience, increasing efficiency, and making it even easier to find the information you need.

Click the button below and scroll down to “How to Use Insights – Through the Web App Dashboard” for more information.

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Enhanced Cherry Bucket Tracking with Bucket IDs

Cherry Module. Expected Release Date: May 22


With Hectre’s latest enhancement for cherry growers, you can now view Bucket IDs when viewing cherry buckets on the Hectre app. This enhancement allows for quick and efficient bucket tracking for an even more efficient workflow.

Spectre Enhancements

Turbocharged Size & Color Processing!

Spectre Hand-Held / Spectre Top Down / Spectre Dashboard. Released: May 1


We are thrilled to announce a major enhancement to our Spectre machine learning system. Our dedicated team has been hard at work refactoring the system to make it faster, and the results are truly impressive.

What’s new?

  • Image processing for size and color is now twice as fast on average, making your experience even smoother and more efficient.
  • During peak season, when Spectre Top Down data loads are extremely high, results have been improved from 70 to 2.4 minutes, meaning you can receive valuable Spectre data faster than ever before.

This update is all about giving you the best possible experience with Spectre. We hope this massive gain delivers even more value to your operation!

Compare An Individual Grower’s Results with the Overall Average

Spectre Dashboard. Released: May 9


Just released, Spectre customers who pack, market and/or sell for numerous growers, can compare an individual grower’s results with the grower average. This provides an easy way to analyze grower performance and identify growers who may need to lift their game.

Also included in the enhancement, timestamps for groups are now visible in the multiple-group view, see the images below.

Key Benefits:

  • Easily compare and analyze individual grower performance
  • Achieve an even faster workflow with group timestamps in the multiple-group view

Click the button below to learn how to use this new feature.

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Recent Releases

Orchard Management Enhancements

Payroll Locking. Released April 24


This enhancement allows for completed pay runs to be locked to prevent any further updates. The new feature gives you an extra layer of security and ensures that Hectre’s data matches your pay run for auditing purposes.

Customers are able to lock and unlock pay runs directly from the Web Dashboard Payroll page, provided they have the necessary access permission. The enhancement is yet another way that Hectre is helping customers improve efficiency and streamline processes.

New Staff Badges and Bulk Badge Printing

Released: April 17


Looking to add photos or print employee badges in bulk? Well then, this enhancement is for you! Employee badges have been updated with a new design and the option to add employee photos. Furthermore, customers can also benefit from the new bulk badge printing functionality, which means multiple badges can be printed at once!

With this latest enhancement, it’s even easier to save time, manage staff, and boost efficiencies with Hectre.

Spectre Enhancements

Enhanced Size And Color Sorting

Spectre Dashboard. Released: April 4


Now, when viewing Spectre results, you’ll notice that color and size results can be sorted by descending percentages making it easier to identify the size or color value with the highest percentage.

Send CSV Reports To Multiple Receivers

iPhone/iPad. Released: April 13


Spectre customers can now easily send a CSV report to multiple receivers with different email addresses all at once. This enhancement will streamline the process for customers who need to share reports with multiple recipients. It’s just another way that Hectre is speeding up the process and making things simpler!

Create New Lots In Real-Time During The Group Creation Process

Spectre Top Down. Released: March 31


Spectre Top Down customers can now create new lots in real-time during the group creation process. This new enhancement means that if a new lot appears that was not included during product onboarding, customers can easily scan in the truck or group without any worries. The enhancement ensures an even faster and smoother Spectre Top-Down experience for customers.

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Create New Color Parameters

Spectre Top Down. Released: April 13


Another enhancement for Spectre Top Down customers, you can now create new color parameters, so that if a new color parameter appears that was not included during product onboarding, you can use images extracted from Spectre Top Down videos to create the new color parameter.

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That’s a wrap… for now! More fab features and enhancements coming your way soon!

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