Spectre to be featured at APAL Grower Orchard Day

All the benefits of Hectre’s leading-edge, mobile fruit-sizing computer vision app, Spectre, will be on full display at the upcoming APAL Grower Orchard Tour in Victoria, Australia.


Hectre will be one of just a select few companies that will be exhibiting at the event, which comes just a week after Hectre was announced as an award winner at the 2022 Global AgTech Breakthrough Awards… for the second year in a row!


Hectre Head of Sales Kevin Park and Account Manager Danny Herbert will be representing Hectre, where they will provide attendees with an opportunity to experience Spectre up close.

Up Close And Personal

“Hectre is proud to be one of only a handful of innovative AgriTech companies that will be at the event, and we can’t wait to show people in person just how amazing this technology is and what it can mean for their business,” says Park.


Spectre’s ability to size fruit and determine color coverage with high accuracy, in a matter of seconds, and from a simple mobile device has been game-changing for many Hectre customers.

International Fruit Leaders Are Using Hectre’s Award Winning Tech

“Spectre allows packhouses to know with near-certainty the fruit size and color they have, which means they can set the pack accordingly, avoid costly delays, and make much better-informed storage and sales decisions,” adds Park.


Global fruit leaders already gaining the benefits of Spectre include Washington Fruit & Produce, Monson Fruit, BC Tree Fruits, Sandher Fruit Packers, Rockit Global, and First Fresh NZ, just to name a few.

If you would like to see what Spectre could do for your business, book an obligation-free online demo with our friendly team.


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What is APAL?

APAL, otherwise known as Apple and Pear Australia Limited, is an industry representative body that works to support Australia’s commercial apple and pear growers through industry leadership and commercial advancement.

What’s the event all about?

The APAL Grower Orchard Day will take place on the 2nd of September 2022, following the R&D Day on the 1st of September.


The event brings industry, such as growers, researchers, and advisors, together to learn about the latest research findings and developments in Agri-Technology as it relates to the world of pome fruit.

What to expect?

Top of mind for Hectre will be that our trailblazing mobile fruit sizing app Spectre has now sized more than 27 million fruit! Spectre continues to evolve and is now providing size data for cherries and citrus, as well as apples. 


What’s more, Spectre applications now include the world-leading Spectre Top Down, which delivers massive fruit-size samples (over 4000 apples!), straight off the back of a flatbed truck, within seconds.

Hectre’s Dedication To Innovation For Apple Growers

But we can’t forget our superstar Orchard Management App! Our amazing customers and tech developers consistently ensure our software keeps up with the latest challenges faced by growers. Recent product enhancements include the ability to manage changes to minimum wage requirements and the ability to adjust for overtime and double-time in the Hectre app.

Find out more about how Hectre helped Fankhauser Apples with the changes to minimum wage requirements in our featured case study.

Coming Up

Hectre has been invited to attend the upcoming Citrus New Zealand Conference and will also be attending several other industry events in the US later in the year.


“We’re super fortunate to have our awesome dual-hemisphere team to support our customers and spread the word of how Hectre is helping growers and packers from all over the world save time and money with our cutting-edge, yet simple-to-use technology,” says Park.