Making It Easy For You To Switch To Hectre

If you’re switching to Hectre, you may have some questions about how to go about moving away from your current software provider. We’re all about making things easy, so here are some handy tips:

What about the hardware I had to buy?

If you’re switching to Hectre from a company like CropTracker, you may have had to invest in special Zebra brand 310 printers.


For customers coming to Hectre from CropTracker, we’ve developed special features so that the Hectre Orchard Management App is compatible with numerous models of Zebra printers.


Just bring those printers with you!

Some other software providers require special proprietary devices (designed for that app) for customers to be able to use their app. PickTrace is a good example of this. Why do companies do this? 


Often it’s because when the software was designed, they couldn’t get their functionality to work the way they wanted it to on standard devices. So they looked for, or developed, special devices that would do the job. A cynic might suggest it’s a cunning plan to lock in unsuspecting growers! The software company makes it harder for growers to have the freedom of choice to switch to another app (or company) that may suit them better. 


If you’re switching to Hectre from PickTrace, we’re happy to help with a customised pricing plan to make switching easy. Just contact our friendly team.

Breaking Up Is Hard EASY To Do

Unsure how to say farewell to your current farm management software provider?


Here are some helpful tips to make things quick and easy.

How do we tell our current provider that we’re leaving them?

The best approach is to send your current provider a respectful, clear and concise email. To avoid any ongoing awkward conversations, we suggest including a clear reason too so they’re not harassing you to find out why you’re saying goodbye. Here’s an example email you may like to use as a base:


“Hi ABC. We have recently reviewed our software needs and have made the decision to move to another provider as …. (include a simple reason like one of the following)

  • our needs have changed and we don’t feel the fit is right any longer.
  • we have not been satisfied with the service
  • we have received.
  • we are seeking a software that has a broader offering as we grow.
    we want a software that is easier to use.


We will be ending our subscription on XYZ. Thank you for your service and we wish you all the best.”

I told them we’re leaving, and why, but they still want to talk…

That’s to be expected. They are seeing $$$’s walking away from them. 


You’ll decide what works best for you. You may be happy to have a chat on the phone and explain your reasons further. Just know that you don’t have to.


You can simply and politely respond with, “No thanks. We’ve already progressed with a new provider.”

If you’re needing some light relief at this time, watch this classic 2 minute video from “The Office” on pushy salespeople.


Guaranteed to give you a giggle!


They are trying to call and are emailing saying they have a deal for us

I bet they are! As noted above – $$$’s are walking away. Suddenly you are valuable to them. They will now be desperate to keep you and may throw all sorts of offers and promises at you.

Just remind yourself why you’re saying farewell. A flashy price and empty promises won’t change that. If you get persuaded to stay, you’ll just find yourself in this position again in another year and you will have paid them for the privilege of causing you another year of frustration. Who’s the winner in that one?

You can simply and politely respond with, “Not interested thanks. We’ve moved on.”

Switching your orchard management software doesn’t have to be hard. If we can help at all, please contact our friendly team