When we launched Spectre to the apple industry in 2020, little did we realize the volume of use cases fruit growers and packers would identify!


Now, less than a year later, more than 20 million pieces of fruit (and counting) have been detected and sized by Spectre – Hectre’s simple to use computer vision fruit sizing tool that operates on an iPad or iPhone.

“Major apple warehouses in Washington are using Spectre to gain early and reliable size data, to support packing planning and reduce costly packing line stoppages. Citrus packers in South Africa are using Spectre to gain huge increases in their sample size, improving information for sales decisions. We’ve got apple growers in Italy using Spectre to gain their own size data before sending their fruit to the co-op. Packers in Canada are using Spectre to strengthen their QA processes,” advises Hectre CEO and Co-founder, Matty Blomfield.


“And soon, Spectre for Cherries will be available for cherry growers and packers around the world, delivering early size data to support faster sales of their premium fruit,” adds Blomfield.

It’s likely that number of 20 million will ramp up extremely fast now that Spectre is in the hands of fruit growers and packers worldwide.

They’ll be using Spectre to:

  • Assess how well the pick is meeting the sizing brief during harvest, gaining real time data from as soon as the very first bin is picked
  • Collect their own data at the grower level on what areas of the orchard/farm are producing ideal size, and which aren’t
  • Make better storage decisions at the packhouse knowing they have reliable size data as soon as the bins of fruit arrive at receiving
  • Reduce costly packing line stoppages because with Spectre they’ll know for sure what size fruit they’re running into the pack
  • Sell their fruit faster and with greater confidence after tapping into Spectre’s fast and accurate data regarding what size fruit has come into the warehouse


Add to that Hectre’s latest Spectre innovation, Truck Top Vision, which sees more than 5,000 fruit detections from one single truck pass, and it’s easy to see why Spectre is becoming the leading choice for mobile early fruit sizing.


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